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Sat, 08/10/2013 - 17:01 -- webadmin

One of the fastest growing shooting sports for airguns is field target shooting.  Although started in the UK, Americans have enthusiastically embraced the sport.  Events are generally held in a wooded area, making it similar to hunting small game animals.  Different areas of the country design targets that are indigenous to the area  gophers in Minnesota, for instance.   The course of fire is patterned after realistic field conditions, with animal-shaped targets positioned between 10 and 55 yards.  Shooting an airgun at these distances duplicates wind and ballistic difficulties experienced by firearms at distances of several hundred yards.  Most shooting is done from a sitting position with occasional kneeling and standing shots.  The targets require the shooter to hit the "kill" zone for the target to fall.  Precision 177 caliber airguns with scopes are generally used.  Competitors shoot in classes based on their equipment.  The cost of the guns varies from a couple hundred dollars for a spring piston gun to $500 and up for prechared guns.

For more information, go to www.mafta.net, or contact the Match Director, John Jiracek, at 507-824-1249.
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