Oakdale Gun Club

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25 Yard Range / Pistol

Types of firearms allowed -- AnyCalibers allowed -- All centerfire, rimfire and muzzle loading calibers, up to and including 50 BMG (rifle), 50 S&W (handgun), and shotgun slugsThe targets may be moved forward for those wishing to "shoot short" (7 - 10 yards). Our 25 yard range is a 90% covered (from the firing line to just before the target stands), "no blue sky" range, ideally suited for handguns, small bore rifle (little to no wind), or for rifle and shotgun (slug) shooters looking to get their firearms "on the paper" prior to heading over to our longer ranges.It is also the preferred location for the shooting portions of club-hosted DNR Firearms Safety Class range days, and most other classes taught by certified instructors on site.

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