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Competition Range

Types of firearms allowed -- AnyCalibers allowed -- All center fire, rim fire and muzzle loading calibers, up to and including 50 BMG (rifle), 50 S&W (handgun), and shotgun slugs

  • Please note: while there are no official caliber or firearm-type restrictions on this range, it is set up for, and most often used by, those members practicing for NRA Bullseye and Olympic Free Pistol competitions. As a courtesy, it is asked that those wishing to use center fire rifles at 25 or 50 yards utilize the 25 or 50 yard ranges when possible.

The Competition Range was designed to host NRA Bullseye and Olympic Free Pistol shooting competitions. It features a fully covered firing line, with a 25 yard target area on the eastern half of the range, and a 50 yard target area on the western half. The 50 yard target area also features turning target holders for use during these competitions.

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